Stainless steel sterilization box

Sterilization box made of stainless steel.

Stainless steel sterilization box (image)

Ultrasound cleaner without heating

5 liters ultrasound cleaner.  Supplied with basket and cover. Power : 120 W. Ultrasound...

Ultrasound cleaner without heating (image)

Instruments tray

Instruments tray. Made of stainless steel.

Instruments tray (image)


Galipot made of stainless steel. With spout and flat bottom.

Galipot (image)

Dressing jar

Dressing jar with knob. Made of stainless steel. Diameter : 110 mm. Height : 140 mm.

Dressing jar (image)

Sterilization indicator

Sterilization indicator. Turn to brown. Steam (121/134°C).

Sterilization indicator (image)

Forceps jar

Forceps jar made of stainless steel. Diameter 52 x 220 mm.

Forceps jar (image)

Minicomed ultrasound cleaner

Minicomed ultrasound cleaner, with cover and basket. 0,6 liter. 1 year warranty.

Minicomed ultrasound cleaner (image)

Thermometer jar

Thermometer jar made of stainless steel. Diameter 30 x 110 mm.

Thermometer jar (image)

Rochester pean forceps jar

Rochester pean forceps jar made of stainless steel. Diameter 30 x 150 mm.

Rochester pean forceps jar (image)

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