KY lubrication gel

82 g tube.


For endoscopic treatment.



KY lubrication gel (image)

Cotton buds

Cotton buds with 7,5 cm wooden stick.

10 mm cotton both end fitting.

Bag of 100 pi...

Cotton buds (image)

Lubrication "Silikon spray"

Lubrication "Silikon spray".

Against grip of rubber, latex or plastic instruments on the...

Lubrication "Silikon spray" (image)

Cellulose swabs

Cotton wool swabs of cellulose. Size 4 x 5 cm. Roll of 500 swabs (packed by 2 rolls in a polyb...

Cellulose swabs (image)

Contact gel - "Parker Aquasonic 100"

Contact gel for scan, ECG, Doppler, Ultrasound.

5 liters container delivered with an emp...

Contact gel - "Parker Aquasonic 100" (image)

1 blade Wilkinson razors

1 blade Wilkinson razors. Disposable.

Box of 100 pieces.

1 blade Wilkinson razors (image)

Comed 1 blade razors

1 blade disposable razors. No sterile. Box of 100 pieces.

Comed 1 blade razors (image)

Plastic alcohol dispenser

Alcohol dispenser with a valve for an economical consumption and without any evaporation.


Plastic alcohol dispenser (image)

Cleaner and disinfectant for surface

Cleaner and disinfectant for surface.

Product ready for use. Apply the product to the tr...

Cleaner and disinfectant for surface (image)

Dispenser box for swabs

Dispenser box for cotton wool swabs.

Made of plastic, for 1 roll of 500 swabs.

Dispenser box for swabs (image)

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