Armaignac eye test chart

Eye test chart for illiterates at 5 meters. COMED-made.

Armaignac eye test chart (image)

Pinard stethoscope

Pinard stethoscope.

For detection of fetal pulse.

Pinard stethoscope (image)

Spoon eye mask

Spoon eye mask. COMED-made.

Spoon eye mask (image)

Children finger pulse oximeter

Children finger pulse oximeter.

Displays : SpO2, pulse bar, plethysmogram.

From 2 ...

Children finger pulse oximeter (image)

Disposable eartips - bag of 1000 pieces in bulk

Disposable eartips. COMED-made.

Bag of 1.000 pieces.

Disposable eartips - bag of 1000 pieces in bulk (image)

Disposable penlight

Disposable penlight without tongue depressor holder.

Shelf life : about 20 hours. 5 pcs....

Disposable penlight (image)

Oximeter soft pouch

Oximeter soft pouch. With a belt hang and a hook to hang a strap. 100% made of Nylon - machine...

Oximeter soft pouch (image)

Ayre spatula

Wooden Ayre spatulas. Box of 200 pieces.

Ayre spatula (image)

Dual head stethoscope - adult

Adult dual head stethoscope. 5 colors available.

Dual head stethoscope - adult (image)


Minipen light. Start by connection. Delivered with a tongue depressor holder (width : 20 mm). ...

Minipen (image)

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