LDPE gloves

2 fingers gloves and gloves made of polyethylene.

No sterile.

Bag of 100 pieces.

LDPE gloves (image)

Cotton buds

Cotton buds with 15 cm wooden stick, 15 mm cotton end fitting.

Bag of 100 pieces.


Cotton buds (image)

Cotton buds

Cotton buds.

14 cm stick made of polypropylene.

3,5 cm cotton end fitting.


Cotton buds (image)

Lubrication gel - no sterile

Lubrication for endoscopic treatment.

Fragrance free.


No ste...

Lubrication gel - no sterile (image)

Examination sheets

Examination sheets :

Made of cellulose. White.

Sold by cartons of 12 rolls.


Examination sheets (image)


Saturated pads with 70% isopropyl alcohol for skin preparation prior to injection.

For e...

Alcomed (image)

Cotton ball

Bag of 700 white cotton balls.


Cotton ball (image)

Glass alcohol dispenser

Alcohol dispenser made of glass 250 cc.

Incorporated valve for an economical consumption...

Glass alcohol dispenser (image)

Zigzag cotton

Zigzag white absorbent cotton.

Zigzag cotton (image)

Lubrication gel - sterile

Lubrication for endoscopic treatment.

Sterile. Fragrance free.



Lubrication gel - sterile (image)

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