Certificat 9001 18001 14001 13485

We are daily concerned by quality of our products and safety demand. This care of quality was strengthened 1998 by international ISO standard 9001:2015 achievement for its quality system and international ISO 13485:2016 regarding Medical Devices.

ISO 9001 + ISO 45001 + ISO 14001 + ISO 13485 Certificate

CE conformity certificates


All our products which are medical devices are CE marked. We would like to remind you that the non-medical devices are excluded from the 93/42/ EEC European directive and Regulation (EU) 2017/745 and are not subject to this marking. You can find below the list of items that we sell which are not medical devices.

Non Medical Devices

Warranty bill

You bought a device which requires that you send us the warranty bill within 15 days after the purchase in order to benefit from the warranty. It is now possible through this form. We request you to attach a copy of the purchase invoice (pdf or jpg file).

Opinion or use advice

If you want to inform us about your opinion concerning to the use of one of our products, thank you for doing it thanks to our contact form available here.

Please let us know the item code of the product.

Your opinion is very important to us, thank you in advance. It will allow us to improve our products for the well medical practice. We will inform the other users.

ACL code

The ACL code is a number for identifying health and care products, excluding medication. You will find below the list of COMED products with an ACL code.



The company cares about the environment by optimizing materials and energy it consumes. Indeed, the first of his ambitions is to reduce energy consumption and in a second time, the company has initiated recycling efforts. Comed recycles waste paper and cardboard by grinding for use as stuffing for boxes.

Energy performance diagnosis

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